Advanced Physical Therapy

What is Advanced Physical Therapy?

Advanced physical therapy is a new concept of physical therapyrecently developed in which we employ technology and new techniques which assist us in our exploration (performed with an ultrasound) as well as in our treatment of any medical condition.

How can Advanced Physical Therapy help me?

It shares the same goal as conventional physical therapy, which ishealing an injury, but the difference lies in the technology we use which allows us to a have a more detailedview of the injury. This enables us to speed up the metabolism of the tissue to achieve a faster and more effective recovery. This technology also helps us to give a more comprehensive treatment to the injury, since we are guided by ultrasounds, and we usetechniques and the latest technology that requires our professionals to stay committed to recurrent training.

Among the techniques that we employ in physical therapy, we can find ultrasounds, therapy guided by ultrasounds such as neuromodulation and electrolysis, shock waves, diathermy and high potency laser.

What are the medical conditions that can be treated with Advanced Physical Therapy?

Advanced physical therapy can benefit any injury, however it can specially be helpful for injuries involving tendons, muscles, sprains, herniated disks, sciatica or any radiculopathy.

Advanced Physical Therapy Specialties

What is it? It is a minimally invasive technique where acupuncture needles are introduced with the help of an ultrasound scan and a galvanic current is used to stimulate the regeneration of the injured tissue.

How can it help me? Reducing the pain from the injury and improving the tissue’s regenerative capacity, in both acute and chronic injuries.

What are the conditions treated?
– Tendinopathies
– Muscle injuries
– Trigger points
– Adhesions and scar tissue

What is it? It involves the stimulation of the peripheral nervous system with electricity to improve the functioning of the muscles that could assist in regulating and reducing pain in an injury. It can be done through direct stimulation (transcutaneous) or through needling guided by an ultrasound in the skin (percutaneous).

How can it help me? It improves muscle activation and contractility, whose deficit is key in the production and preservation of different injuries. It also helps to produce analgesia in the area and enabling a better recovery of bodily functions

What are the conditions treated?
– Tendinopathy
– Muscle pain or injuries
–Joint pain
– Headaches
– Mobility deficits
– Sprains
– Sciatica or neural pain.

What is it? It involves the evaluation of functional causes or points in the active or passive movement of the person whose specific job prompts them to recover from an injury or condition through physical exercise.

How can it help me? A series of goals to meet with general and specific exercises for the injury being treated will be programmed to guide the suggested exercises progressively. This treatment seeks to achieve evolution in the movement and symptoms of the person, so that they can resume their habitual lifestyle, regardless if it involves practicing sports or not.

What are the conditions treated?
– Tendinopathy
– Muscle pain or injuries
– Joint pain
– Headaches
– Mobility deficits
– Sprains
– Lumbago
– Neck pain
– Sciatica or neural pain

What is it? Shockwave therapy uses high energy and pressure acoustic waves, which depending on the intensity and frequency with which they are applied, can favor biological and physical changes that prompt the recovery of injured and damaged tissue.

How can it help me?
Pain relief.
Neovascularization effect.
Stimulation of tissue regeneration. Osteogenesis stimulation (bone formation) Antifibrotic effect.

What are the conditions treated?
– Calcifying tendinopathy, tendinosis.
– Heel spur and Plantar fasciitis
– Fibrosis with scar tissue
– Pseudarthrosis or delayed healing of a bone fracture
– Metatarsalgias, avascular necrosis, trochanteric pain syndrome
– Muscular contractures and triggers

What is it? Diathermy physical therapy refers to the practice of applying high frequency electromagnetic current. This electromagnetic current is introduced in deep injured tissue to be absorbed and raise the temperature of the tissue.

How can it help me? It promotes stimulation of the cells in the affected tissue and accelerates its metabolism. It’s estimated that by every degree that we raise the tissue’s temperature by, its metabolism increases by 13 %, which is how this therapy accelerates the speed of recovery from injury.

What are the conditions treated?
– Muscular contractures and injuries
– Sprains
– Tendinopathies
– Neuralgia and sciatica
– Inflammatory processes
– Scarring and Post-surgery

What is it? Laser therapy is used in physical therapy to introduce energy in injured tissue. This light energy is captured by specialized cells in our bodies and transformed to produce more oxygen and nutrients to repair the injured tissue.

How can it help me? Thanks to the high power of the K-Laser, we can reach deep tissue and, in the span of a few minutes, administrate high doses of energy to accelerate regenerative processes.

With laser therapy, an increase in blood supply is produced and an improvement in the microcirculation of the tissue, which increases the supply of nutrients to the cells, accelerating the regenerative process.

What are the conditions treated?
– Muscle ruptures or injuries
– Sprains
– Tendinopathies
– Herniated disks
– Sciatica
– Scarring
– Plantar fasciopathy
– Trigeminal or facial neuralgias

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