Physical Therapy

What is Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy is a discipline of thehealth sciences that focuses on the treatment and prevention of injuries of the musculoskeletal, nervous, respiratory or the circulatory systems that affect the functioning of the human body.

How can Physical Therapy help me?

To achieve their goal, the physical therapist performs a functional diagnosis and employs a variety of treatments, such as:manual therapy (massages, stretching, manipulation treatment, myofascial release therapy, etc.), thermotherapy (application of hot or cold), electrotherapy (TENS, neuromodulation, electrolysis…), electromagnetic waves and others such as laser treatment, therapeutic exercises, and dry needling

Physical therapy is essential to the recovery and maintenance of body functioning in any stage of life (pediatric or geriatric physical therapy) and in areas as diverse as sports, the urogynecology, post-surgery recovery, nervous system conditions…

What are the conditions that can be treated with Physical Therapy?

The conditions and injuries will be treated by professionals specialized in their areas.

Locomotive system injuries: sprains, tendinopathy spinal column conditions, muscle injuries (ruptures, contractures…)
Nervous system injuries: sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome…
Neurological injuries: strokes, Parkinson’s, spinal injuries…
Urogynecological system conditions.

Advanced Physical Therapy Specialties

What is it? It’s the area of physical therapy that focuses on the prevention and treatment of injuries caused by sports or physical activity in general. Specifically, the word “rehabilitation” references the optimal performance someone can get back to having in their sports practice after an injury.

How can it help me? The physical therapist adapts the treatment to the sport or activity practiced by the patient (soccer, cross fit, running, paddle, etc.) because the approach and goals change depending on the sport practice.

Training with pain is the prelude to failure.

What is it? This therapy is part of the manual therapy approach, having the fascia as the target tissue: three-dimensional and continuous tissue that covers all the muscles, bones, nerves, blood vessels and organs in the body.

Miofascial therapy treats the body as a holistic unit, where all its parts are related through the fascia. Tension, the lack of mobility or a facial dysfunction can restrict functionality in the body and cause the appearance of pathologies.

How can it help me? With fascial manipulation, we seek to free those restrictions and recover lost mobility, and by extension, optimal functionality of the body.

What is it? Acupuncture is a millenary technique from Traditional Chinese Medicine. It consists in stimulating specific points in the body by using needles to act in the modulation of the nervous system and reduce pain.
Inflammatory processes – Scarring and post-surgeries

There is scientific proof that acupuncture points work, since they match the stimulation points of the peripheral nervous system. This is why Electroacupunture therapy was created.

How can it help me? Based on the knowledge of neuroanatomy and neuromodulation, we created an invasive technique in which we stimulate the needles with electricity to modulate the nervous system and reduce pain.
We use these therapies along with Neuromodulation in our clinic as a supplementary technique for pain relief.

Related specialties

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