What is Psychology?

Psychology is the science that studies the behavior and mental processes of people. It is a discipline supported by empirical evidence that assists usin the understanding of how our mind works and discover new waysof managing situations that distress us, paralyze us, or keep us away from whom we want to become.

How can Psychology help me?

Undergoing a therapeutic process helps people find solutions to their problems through the awareness of their own resources and tools. The problems that bring people to therapy can be very diverse , since every person draws from their own experience, which makes their way of managing their situations unique.

Therapy is the process where a person, who usually consults a therapist when they don’t know how to manage a situation in their life,explores their weaknesses and their strengths. And it is this self-awareness what brings out the skills and autonomy to face situations in life and keep on moving forward.

What do we provide psychologic treatment for?

– Anxiety
– Depression
– Chronic pain support
– Fears and phobias
– Grief
– Self-esteem
– Emotional dependency
– Eating disorders
– Affection issues – Sexualities
– Addiction
– Teenagers

Related specialties

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