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Sessions are around 50 minutes and 1 hour long.

A Physical therapy session costs 40€ and an invasive physical therapy session costs 45€. A Osteopathy session costs 45€. A pelvic floor physical therapy session costs 40€ and an exercise session costs 35€.

We think every treatment and every patient progresses differently in an individual manner, which is why we do not offer vouchers for sessions.

In general, these treatments are not painful on their own. However, there are some techniques that might be slightly uncomfortable because of the sensitivity of the tissue involved. In these cases, the physical therapist will always explain the procedure and how it will feel, so the technique can be adjusted to the preferences of the patient.

It would be ideal that you bring comfortable clothes that are easy to remove and put back on, since it is very likely that you will have to expose a part of your body for treatment.

In certain occasions, you might need to stay in your underwear to allow the therapist a full view of your body. For these cases, you can bring a swimsuit or the physical therapist can provide you with towels to cover yourself.
In the intracavitary pelvic floor sessions, you might be required to stay in or completely remove your underwear. You will be provided with a towel to allow for more privacy.

We accept bank transfers and card payments.
For pelvic floor sessions, we only accept cash and bizum payments.

You can choose among all the professional staff in our center physiotherapy in Malaga, to treat you. However, occasionally we will suggest someone to treat you that is more specialized in the kind of treatment that you need.

If you have any problems or questions, you need to contact us first and then your therapist will contact you.

It will depend on the type of treatment received. Your physical therapist will let you know if you can work out after a session or if you should rest.

We do not work with mutuals. Working with mutuals would directly condition the treatment time that we like to dedicate to each patient. For this reason, in our physiotherapy clinic in Malaga we made the decision not to collaborate with them.

For a regular physical therapy session, there would not be any issues if you attend the session on your period.
However, in the case of a pelvic floor session, it would depend on the stage that you are on your period. If you are at the beginning or end of your period and have a light flow, there would not be any problems. If you have a heavy flow, or you suffer from any severe pain, we suggest rescheduling your appointment.

It is not mandatory, you can attend the session without shaving. But if you have any scars, or it is your first session, it is recommended that you shave, so we can have a better view of what you will be treated for. However, we repeat, shaving is not mandatory.

The physical therapist will carry out an initial evaluation and depending on your case and your goals, we will let you know how many sessions you will need to attend.

Even though we do not recommend the consumption of alcohol since it can slow down the recovery process of injuries in general, there is no absolute contraindication for the consumption of alcohol after a therapy session.