What is Osteopathy?

It is the science that diagnoses and treatsthe problems of the human body by seeing the body as a whole, with a holistic approach. Its main objective is to find the source of the problem by seeing it asthe loss of mobility of a structure and its impact in itself or other structures, regardless of the distance between them within the body. If we had to come up with a slogan, it would be: Provide mobility, and you’ll provide a cure.

How can Osteopathy help me?

The main goal of osteopathy is curing an injury by finding its source and ⁣ giving it the normal mobility that it needs. It employs manual techniques (structural, visceral and craneosacral therapy) to provide you with the normal necessary movement that leads to an improved blood supply, ⁣ the return to its normal functioning and consequently the suppression of pain.

The source of the injury can be found in a distal structure. This is why osteopathy differentiates itself from other therapies with its holistic approach to the human body. It does not see an elbow as just an elbow, but as a part of the upper limb and the whole rachis that can be affected by a mobility loss in any of its segments, including the lower limbs or the skull.

What are the conditions that can be treated with Osteopathy?

Any condition that affects the human body can be benefitted by Osteopathy.

However, it is mainly used to treat conditions of the musculoskeletal, visceral and craniosacral systems including that of TMJ (temporomandibular joint dysfunction).

– Back pain (cervicalgias, dorsalgias, lumbago)
– Joint pain (from any articulation in our body)
– Posture problems
– Degenerative diseases
– Sciatica
– Radiculopathies
– Herniated disks
– Cervicogenic dizziness
– Sprains

Osteopathy Specialties

What is it? It is the area of osteopathy that specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of dysfunctions in babies and children.   After performing an exhaustive diagnosis, manual techniques are applied to recover the healthy functioning of the body in the child.

How can it help me? During pregnancy and birth, the baby can suffer from bad posture, tension or even traumas (for example, when using forceps for expulsion during birth). This can cause alterations in the healthy development of the baby, prompting the onset of a medical condition.

Pediatric osteopathy fundamentally focuses on the implementation of manual techniques at a cranial and visceral level to recover the healthy functioning of the body and, consequently, assist the baby to have a healthy development. We have to consider that the head is extremely important for a baby, since the nerves that control the visceral system stem from it; this is why most techniques will be focusing on the cranial cavity and the upper cervical spine. Remember that none of these techniques will cause any pain to the baby.

What are the conditions treated?
  –  Congenital Torticollis
  –  Plagiocephaly
  –  Infant colic
  –  Sleep disorders
  –  Psychomotor abnormalities
  –  Sucking alterations
  –  Constipation
  –  Diarrhea
  –  Gas expulsion difficulties

What is it? It is the area of Osteopathy specialized in disorders of the visceral system, using techniques to enable proper mobility in injured viscera, even though osteopathic techniques used for the treatment of the musculoskeletal system are also used for the treatment of malfunctioning viscera.

How can it help me? As the result of traumatic injuries, stressful events, or the inadequate use of viscera, sometimes the organs enter a state of tension that prevents them from performing correctly, which can cause the onset of further medical complications.

What are the conditions treated?
  –  Constipation
  –  Gastritis
  –  Hiatal hernia
  –  Reflux
  –  Diarrhea
  –  Chest pain
  –  Stomachaches

What is it? It is the area of osteopathy that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of all conditions in the cranial area.

How can it help me? Trauma, stressful situations or temporomandibular joint disorders can cause tension to build up in the area of the myofascial tissue, which involves the central nervous system and affects it, the structures that surround it (blood vessels and small nerve endings) and alters the mobility of the bones in the skull.

After the diagnoses and the search of these tensions and the loss or alteration of the mobility of the skull, techniques will be employed to dissolve these tensions and recover normal mobility.

What are the conditions treated?
  –  Dizziness
  –  Chronic sinusitis
  –  Headaches
  –  Migraines
  –  Trigeminal neuralgia
  –  Vision disturbances
  –  Eye pain/pressure
  –  Tinnitus

What is it? The area of osteopathy that focuses on the treatment of temporomandibular joint disorders (TMJ), considering the imbalances that this condition can provoke on top of the disorder itself at a distal level, such as in the cervical spine, shoulders and headaches.

How can it help me? Using manual techniques and after examining the patient’s clinical history, we will resolve the imbalances caused by the muscle tension to enable the correct movement of the articulation. We will regain the normal mobility of the articulation to prevent any malfunctions, any damage to any structures and joint locks.

What are the conditions treated?
  –  Mandibular pain
  –  Tinnitus
  –  Bruxism
  –  Temporomandibular disorders
  –  Crossbite
  –  Headaches

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