Advanced Cosmetic Medicine

What is Advanced Cosmetic Medicine?

It’s defined as a non-surgical medical practice, which applies non-invasive procedures for restoring and managing the beauty, health and well-being of a person’s face and body holistically. It prevents, slows down, and can even reverse the aging process.

How can Advanced Cosmetic Medicine help me?

The goal of advanced cosmetic medicineis improving the quality of the skin. There are tissues that usually require treatments with laser or peelingto improve the texture or to combat anomalies.

Additionally, regardless of their gender, people start showing the first symptoms of skin deterioration when they are around 30-35 years old. On top of that, bone mass loss or fat tissue loss is produced in the facial area.

Moreover, the deterioration of substances such as collagen, elastin or hyaluronic acid, can be seen, causing sagging in the face and neck.

What are the conditions that we treat with Advanced Cosmetic Medicine?

– Wrinkles
– Scarring
– Expression lines
– Sagging facial skin
– Acne
– Dry, greasy, sensitive and atopic skin — Skin with dyschromia

– Cellulitis
– Sagging
– Liquid retention

Advanced Cosmetic
Medicine Treatments

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